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Local History

Clark County, Arkansas is rich with history.  For much longer than the 200 years of European settlement in the area, Clark County was home to the Caddo and Quapaw people.  Hernando de Soto, the first European of record, explored the region about one hundred years before the French arrived. Many of the county's topographical features were named by the French explorers.  In this section, the Historical Association would like to highlight some of the areas of interest.  Check out the information on Arkadelphia Timeline, the Bozeman Cemetery and the Clark County Chronicles for more insight to the county's history from the early 1800s to 1900s.

Local & Family History

Are you a family history researcher or just interested in local history, then check out the wealth of information the Association has available in the Archives and Special Collections at Ouachita Baptist University. As the official repository for the records of the Clark County Historical Association, the department holds many official Clark County records.  Some of the earliest county records, including probate, criminal, civil, chancery and tax records, are housed in Special Collections.  Check out the Local & Family History at OBU today!

The Wiley Funeral Home Records

This digital collection features death certificates kept by the Wiley (now Mitchell) Funeral Home in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, between 1941-1968. The records document the lives of over one thousand African Americans who were either residents of Clark County or whose funerals were handled by Wiley Funeral Home. HIPAA protections for these records expired in 2018.


The Wiley Funeral Home records also contain burial transit permits for individuals who died outside of Arkansas and burial insurance forms. These materials are not included in the digital collection at this time. Researchers interested in using these additional materials are encouraged to call or email Archives and Special Collections.

History Resource

Another great reference for more information about Clark County's history can be found in the book complied by the Clark County Historical Association -- Clark County Arkansas Past and Present.  Check out the online store for this great local history resource.

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